Each van is independently ran by franchise partners with Alpha Grooming service and quality standards.

Dr Nathalia Apocalypse Magalhães

Hi, my name is Nathalia, I’m Veterinary graduated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m planning to start a Master Degree in animal behaviour pretty soon. I always loved animals and that’s why I try to be always close to them.

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Phone: +1 (650) 651-3373‬
Email: nathaliamagalhaes@alphagroomingpetsalon.com
If you want to get on my schedule click here:    https://meetme.so/Nathalia

Luiz Bacelar

Luis moved the US in 2015 with Mastery Degree Physical Education, Marathon Trainer career, he decided to try the Pawsitively Groomed training course, and he did so good on the classes that we decided to hire him as the employee for Pawsitively Groomed for while. Because of his ESL school schedule, he opted for Alpha Grooming where he has more flexible hours to conciliate with his school.

Groomer Contact  Information
Phone:‭+1 (650) 651-3373‬
Email: Luis@alphagroomingpetsalon.com
If you want to get on my schedule click here! https://meetme.so/LuisBacelar

Cristina Meira

Raised part in the city and part in the farm, always surrounded of animals, she began early as Groomer. At age 14 she started the Grooming course in Brazil and in the same year, she worked in a pet shop. In Brazil, shortly after graduating in Biomedicine, she opened her own Grooming business, along with her sister, a veterinarian specializing in large animals. In 2018 she graduated from Alpha Grooming, where she has worked since then. Always dedicated, happy and with the assurance of a good job, she is the right bet for your pet to return smelling and clean.

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If you want to get on my schedule click here! https://meetme.so/Cristinameira

Dr. Danielle Igreja

She is Veterinarian from Brasil who is doing her studies in the USA to tranfer her degree to here. She loves the dog and cats and did a 2 years internship on SPCA in California. She is one great component of the Alpha Family.

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Phone:+1 (650) 290-3071
Email: daniella_igreja@hotmail.com
If you want to get on my schedule click here! https://meetme.so/DaniellaIgreja

Antony Silva

Antonio was born in Ceara, Brasil, an inferior part of the nation; then, he moved to Sao Paulo. After he got married to a groomer named Andriana and her pack of dogs he decided to open an grooming shop with his wife in Sao Paulo. When Adriana was pregnant with Enzo, their first child Antony step up at the store and become the primary groomer so his wife should take the time to raise their first born. Since then, Antonio fell in love with his new groomer career and invested a lot of time to improve and learn as much he could to make their grooming shop well know in Sao Paulo. In 2015 Alpha Grooming brought him as his family to Bay Area to help us to grow Alpha Grooming.
Today Antony and Adriana are both parts of our Alpha Team, and we are very proud of it to have such a great family that loves dogs so much and want to learn as much as possible to make Alpha the best mobile grooming on the Bay Aerea.

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Phone: ‭+1 (650) 651-3373‬
Email: antonioaraujo@alphagroomingpetsalon.com
If you want to get on my schedule click here! https://meetme.so/AntonioSilva

Carlos Chaves

Carlos Chaves started in 2012 because Carlos saw a great demand on the market for tailored and convenient mobile pet grooming service in the San Francisco Peninsula. With the franchise idea of expanding all over California, his first van was on the street, and now we have the biggest mobile grooming flee and team to support and take care of your pet and you with availability from 5AM to 11:59Pm Seven days a Week and with opening Every Hour in the day anywhere  in the  Bay Area.

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Phone:+1 (650) 651-3373‬
Email: carlos@alphagroomingpetsalon.com
If you want to get on my schedule click here! https://meetme.so/CarlosChaves

Jose Vargas

Jose is originally from Colombia , where he started grooming at Pet Stars. Hes been 5 years now and loves everything that has to do with it! He is owned by 3 cats now, and he works so they can have a pampered life! He has worked in a grooming shop for most of her years, but found mobile to be more personal. The one on one grooming experience is the only way to go, and he has fallen in love with mobile! He has always loved animals and is so happy to have found what he loves to do in life.

Groomer Contact  Information
Phone :+1 (650) 651-3373‬
Email: jose@alphagroomingpetsalon.com
If you want to get on my schedule click here! https://meetme.so/JoseVargas