Each van is independently run by Franchise  Groomer Partners with Alpha Grooming service and quality standards for  almost 10 years

Dr. Nathalia

Nathalia is a Brazilian veterinarian who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about animals. She is trained as a dog bather and specializes in short-haired dogs of all size. Any size, any temperament, no dog is hard for her to bathe.

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Cristina has 10 years of experience as a dog groomer and has never had another job her whole life being from a veterinarian and grooming family. She is very talented and dedicated to her work as well as being kind and very friendly. She specializes in small breeds.

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Luiz has 6 years of grooming experience. He is a very easy going dedicated groomer who always strives to continue excelling. He is patient, soft-spoken and gentle and specializes in cat grooming and small to medium dogs.

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Renee moved to Us about 20 years ago with his wife and trees children and their Pomeranian Coco e their just recently born kitten name Oscar. Renee and his wife are animals lover they at the point almost got in trouble because of the number of animals they had on their property in Daly City. Renee came to Pawsitively Groomed at begging of 2017 where he finished his 600 hours and three months internships at their shop and then, got his job at Alpha Grooming.
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Dr. Luiza

Luiza is Veterinarian from Brasil who is doing her studies in the USA to transfer her degree to here. She loves a dog and did a 2 years internship on SPCA in California. She is one great component of the Alpha Family.

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Joaquim met us through one of our groomers and expressed his desire to be part of our grooming team. He absolutely loves all animals and is a very happy go lucky kind of guy. He has recently joined our team of talented and caring groomers and is so excited to meet your pets soon!

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Jose is a Colombian native and practised as a Veterinarian there where grooming is required in the practice. He also served in the army for 2 years in Colombia. He has been grooming for 12 years and specializes in large breeds. He is very enthusiastic, hard-working and loves his trade.

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Tatiana has a background in teaching and has recently graduated from grooming school in Brazil where she worked for 2 years. She is very good at small dogs and special need dogs due to her immense amount of calm patience.

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Gerson has lived in multiple different countries around the world and loves to travel. He has been working as a pet Bather for 2 years with Alpha Grooming and has recently become certified as a dog groomer in Brazil. He is especially good with large breeds..

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Renata is a founder and owner of one of the only SPCA’s in Brazil. She has been grooming for 19 years in Brazil and 9 years in the USA. She is immensely passionate about animals and her trade and excels with all breeds, and especially good with small dogs.

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Eduardo was born in the hairdresser family and care nothing else buts except dogs. Eduardo’s mother gave him Foguinho to him when he was five years old. Eduardo and his dog buddy Foguinho were inseparable he took Foguinho even to school with him. At 14 years past he decides in summer work with Evenly Brown at Pawsitively Groomed in Burlingame where she though him how to groom dogs with all 34 years of experience. Hes not a dog lover and fantastic groomer but passion about dogs. Outlet Mobile is a dream came through for him in his life, and he is very excited about it.

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