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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are here you probably have a question. Right? Of course!
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Since the professional groomer come to your house, mobile dog grooming is generally slightly more expensive. However, there are many advantages of mobile dog grooming such as convenience, less stressful for your pet and undivided attention.

Mobile groomers can operate if they don’t go into your home and if social distancing precautions are taken.

You just have to go to select your service, your dog’s size and check the best time for you and complete the booking.
You’ll receive your confirmation email right after you finished the reservation with our service agreement and the cancelation link. You can cancel up to 48h before your appointment or reschedule up to 24h.


You can just use the cancel/reschedule link to reschedule. As long it is within 24h prior your appointment for rescheduling or 48 hours for cancelation no charge is applied otherwise a $50 charge is applied.


Sure! But please select the “Multiple Dogs” on online booking when and you’re selecting your dog’s size and will be set to go. You have just to scroll down and you will see the option.


That’s actually advised to our clients because when you book monthly appointments you make sure you are saving your spot on our calendar.  Email us with the time, day and how often you want us to serve you and we will add you to our calendar.

You pay directly to the groomer. Most of them accept cash, check, Venmo, and Zelle. Some of them only accept Credit or Debit Card. You can confirm which payment form the groomer you were assign with accepts, on your email confirmation or on the “choose your groomer tab”.


That really depends on the type of dog you have and their needs. Some dogs might not have the type of fur that needs to be cut, whereas other breeds might need a very specific sort of haircut. The cost of dog grooming can also vary by what services are included in the package, as well as the size of the dog. All things considered; you should expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $170 for standard grooming.

You should tip your groomer. If not every time, then occasionally or when you can afford it. In general, you should tip your groomer 15 to 20 percent of the service total.

Mobile grooming is a luxury and offers convenience for you and your pet. Mobile groomers drive to you. They work only on your pet during that time. When they are done, typically within an hour and a half of the start time, you get your pet back. Also, your pet does not sit in a crate waiting long hours. Whereas a shop can do a higher turnover (a single groomer in a truck on average does 4-6 dogs a day, while a shop can easily have turned out 20 or more a day), have more employees under one roof and put your pets in crates to dry to save time, mobile groomers do not. While in their care, your pet is given 100% of their time and attention and everything is done by hand.

Every dog is unique and so are their grooming needs. How often they need their hair brushed, trimmed, and washed will depend on the length, texture, and density of your dog’s coat. Though grooming needs can vary within breeds, there are some reliable standards for different types of dog hair. Short-haired dogs with oilier skin types benefit from a good wash every 4 to 6 weeks. Otherwise, they need a bath every 6 to 12 weeks. Long-haired dogs need a bath every 4 to 6 weeks, complemented by a haircut every 8 to 12 weeks.

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