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Mobile Pet Grooming Service

Welcome to Alpha Grooming Mobile Pet Salon – The #1 Mobile Dog Grooming, with grooming appointments available every hour

Why do you use Alpha Grooming?

  • no call is needed you can book on a cellphone or tablet.
  • No waitlist or drive to Petshop
  • Grooming sections are available every  hour
  • Your dog or cat is groomed in a sanitary environment
  • No exposure to germs from other pets
  • Your furry friend isn’t cage dried for long periods of time, but gently hand-dried
  • No stressful rides for your pet to and from the saloon
  • It’s done on your dog’s turf, making them feel safe and at home
  • A less stressful and pampered experience for your dog or cat
  • It only takes about an hour, meaning your pet is back in your arms in no time at all
  • Personalized one-on-one care, meeting your pet’s individual needs and your specific requests
  • Alpha  Staff gets to know your pets, making the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for them. Your furry friends will be excited when the Alpha grooming salon arrives.

 How to use Alpha Grooming as your Mobile Grooming Service?

Alpha Grooming Pet Salon mobile grooming service is as simple as it is exceptional. To give your pet the easiest, stress-free, individualized, and highest quality grooming experience, simply schedule an appointment using our straightforward online booking tool and we will be there.

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Select your Package (see more about our Packages here) and then your Location.
Input your info and done!

We’ll approve your request and show up at your door with the Mobile Grooming Van parked in front of your home. We pamper your furry little friend, one-on-one, just feet away from your front door, providing all natural, relaxing grooming techniques. In about an hour your pets will be returned to you not only clean, but also thoroughly pleased with their mobile grooming experience.


How does our Mobile Grooming Van look like from the inside?

Feel free to explore the inside of our Van and see the professional environment that your dog will be washed and groomed.

Book your appointment online today, it’s simple and easy.
Just a few clicks and you are done.

Cats are all one size, but there are several dog sizes. If your dog is the size of a Chihuahua, meaning that you can put it in the palm of your hand, we call it a Small Dog. A Medium-sized Dog is a dog you can pick up, such as a Shih-Tzu. A Large Dog is one that’s too big to pick up from the floor, such as a Labrador. An Extra-large dog is one that little kids can almost ride like a pony, such as a Bernese Mountain Dog