Does my dog need a coat?

With the weather beginning to move to the cold, a question we hear from dog owners is whether their dog should wear a coat. While every case is different, the short answer is that a coat or sweater for your dog is one of those things that only really helps your dog but doesn’t hurt. More to the point, the question is whether your dog will truly benefit from a coat versus the time you have to spend getting them dressed up to go outside. We all want to take our dogs out more frequently, and the coat can be just another “chore” to go through to take them out. So what dog truly needs a coat?

Generally speaking, there are three kinds of dogs that you should be a coat on:

  • Small dogs
  • Large dogs with thin body types, like Greyhounds or Whippets
  • Any sized dogs that are ill, old, or arthritic

The three categories of dogs all share a common problem: difficulty retaining body heat. If you have a dog with one of the above conditions, keep them extra dry and warm during the fall season. You may find that your dog will even like to wear a sweater inside to keep them warmer.

Having a coat on your dog isn’t hurt them, so if in doubt, bundle them up. We are sure they will appreciate it (mostly!).

Text from: Outstandingpet.